The root of suffering is attachment


My teacher (Mark Togni) often talks about attachment. Being attached to the physical practice, to the fruits of our actions. Expecting to get something out of the Yoga practice.

I am always amazed with the way he reads us, the students. He sees the process. He can see our frustration when we can’t do a certain posture. Maybe this is exactly what he wants to show us – being attached to an idea of how a posture should look like or what we should accomplish from this practice – can lead to suffering (in this case in a form of frustration).

I went to an amazing festival (Lost Paradise) to celebrate the beginning of this year. I was surrounded by beautiful people (inside and out) and there was a particular guy that I could not take my eyes off. His personality was shining through him. If he could have seen himself through my eyes he would probably understand why I couldn’t stop staring at him…

Spending only few days with him was like being addicted. Like with drugs, the quicker they get into our brain and release dopamine from the “reward” center, so was with him. The more time I spent with him, the more I wanted. When it was time to say goodbye, this phrase was constantly on my mind “The root of suffering is attachment”. So true. There was suffering. But there was also realization – opening the heart is living life fully. It means experiencing the highs but also the lows.

It was worth it:-)





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