A non-Yogic Holiday…

Yoga on holidayThe universe sent me a present. A very generous friend who got me a trip overseas! I’ve got to visit the UK, Croatia and my family in Israel:-)

I started very enthusiastic and as soon as I got to London, I went to a Yoga studio that was recommended by my dear friend Ameneh. We went to practice a (very) hot Yoga class which almost killed me (but I’m sure it also killed all the germs from the long flights) and then discovered they had Mysore classes! As soon as I started the morning practice, this amazing teacher came to assist me in the posture. Her hands were magic, her touch made me melt and relax into the posture, she was truly amazing.

The studio is called Triyoga (http://www.triyoga.co.uk/) and her name is Ursula Scott. If you have a chance to visit London – you have to go see her! I only had the change to practice 2 classes with her and I wish I had more time there. Even though there are many good Yoga teachers out there, it is not that often that I find a connection like that with a teacher and such a healing touch.

Next stop was Croatia, we went to an Island called Brac. It was a beautiful place (that’s the background in the photo above!). From this point on, there were no more Yoga studios, it was time for self practice….

I KNOW¬†I am a Yoga teacher and I should have the discipline to practice by myself daily, meditate, etc…But I struggle! I KNOW Yoga makes me feel good and fills me up with energy for the day…But when I’m on a non-Yogic holiday (e.g. not a Yoga retreat or a detox), I want to have some wine, eat local delicious food, go out and explore till late and sleep in…The Yoga practice then shrinks into a short session in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon or evening. I have called this short sequence my daily essentials. It includes Nauli practice, some downward facing dog and its variations for core strength, gentle twists and extended side stretches, hamstrings and hip flexor’s stretches and if I have time – inversions play:-)

When I got to Israel, it was a different story…The food was SO so so good and the weather was so nice and hot that Yoga was pushed back even further and instead – swimming in the red sea was my favorite activity. It was a week with almost no Yoga. Only good company, lots of sun and salty water – my kind of heaven!

Coming back to Australia and back to my Yoga practice was surprisingly difficult! After the first practice with my teacher I could not walk properly for two days, my whole body was in pain. Teaching a class was also difficult. I felt weak. I was really surprised how quickly the body changes. It’s only been 2 weeks out of my usual routine. I can’t help but think that there must be emotional part involved in the changes in the body. Maybe the distance from the family and home land again? Is that a sign for me?

I should go meditate on it:-)




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