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My sick week

I was told I need to leave the apartment I was renting. The new real estate that was selling the apartment was not very nice. I was in a weekend workshops in Sydney and then a weekend snowboarding in Perisher. After carrying my snowboard and all the gear on my shoulders from the Gold Coast to Brisbane, then to Sydney and back (via the office for some work) my body decided for me that I need a rest.

I got sick, the sickest I have ever remember being. I had a flu and an infection. I was in bed for days and was so weak that I wanted to be back in my family home in Israel for my parents to look after me:-)

As I was lying in bed for days my back started to get sore and I could not find a comfortable position to sit or lie. The bolster became my best friend!

The following are the postures I have found the most helpful during this week. They helped me to lengthen my lower back and open my chest. I could rest and allow my body time to recover.

  1. To open the chest (and why not – add some inner tight opening with baddha konasana) – lengthen the lower back and you spread you back on the bolster and support the neck with a pillow. Allow arms to open to the sides, but is that is too strong on the pectorals or the Deltoid  muscles, have some support under the arms until fully comfortable. When there is any tension in the lower back, allow more height until comfortable.
  2. Child pose on a bolster. Big toes touching at the back of the mat, bring the bolster to lower belly and hug it! take the head to one side and enjoy this beautiful restful pose! Change head to other side to lengthen neck evenly.
  3. Lie on the side of the body when the bolster supports the belly and chest. That should feel like a gentle lengthening of the side and lower back. Change sides when you are ready.

P.s – you don’t need to be sick to enjoy those postures! Any excuse will do:-)





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