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Yet another injury…

In the last few months I had the opportunity (and I’m forcing myself to call it this way) to explore different activities and different practices to allow my body to recover from injuries.

The last two injuries were from Capoeira (the awesome Brazilian martial art), which I’m obviously not that great at since I keep hurting myself…I’ve hurt my ribs and it took few weeks to recover and as soon as it felt better – I had one bad fall in which I managed to damage ligaments in my foot (which I’m still recovering from…).

Needless to say my Yoga practice, and with it my mental state, were suffering deeply. Not being able to do my regular practice was frustrating. Taking so long to recover was even more frustrating. But, and there is a but, I have gained some great insights from this break:

  1. There are other postures beside the standing postures in Yoga. I could do a lot of the sitting postures and could work on core and back strength. We can change the practice to what we can do and still work hard if we choose to.
  2. There is life beside Yoga – I had all this time that would usually go to Yoga classes that I could do other stuff with. like gardening, spending time with friends, shopping and more shopping…
  3. There are so many other activities that I could do – riding a bicycle is a movement I could do with my ankle, swimming, working on upper body strength. I went to the gym for the first time in years and it wasn’t too bad! 🙂
  4. Letting go – I had to let go of what I couldn’t do and be more gentle and patient. Being kind to my body and accepting what it. every injury is teaching me something else (beside the fact I’m getting old…), and what I take from it is my decision. I can decide to me miserable and complain about it, or explore other aspects of life and be happy. I chose to be happy.




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