A time for doing nothing

I have a busy life style, like most people I know around me. It feels at times like a race. There is always more to do, more to achieve, further to develop – personally and professionally…more more more.

Then the end of the year comes and things at work starts to slow down. Perfect time for planning and creating more work for next year…or maybe good time for a rest?

Resting (or ‘doing nothing’ as my mum will call it), is very challenging for me. I must have got it from her. She is always on the go, even now when she has retired, she is busy from 5AM till midnight every single day. Growing up I was more like my dad. In la-la land most of the time, not grounded, happy to do nothing or do things slowly…never in a hurry. And I am guessing things started changing in the army when I had to leave this wonder land and come back to earth. But this has got worse and worse as I was getting older. Almost like I have wasted all this time before and now I have to catch up! study more, learn more skills, earn more, move more.

Usually Xmas and New Years time of the year are busy on the personal level – lots of events, travel, parties, friends. It’s not really rest, but it is a lot of fun. This time though was different. My Zen Master/Yoga teacher took time off, and there was no wind for kite surfing…so I found myself resting!

All of the sudden days were long. I would wake up and go for a barefoot jog on the beach, then go for a swim in the pool, then sun bath in my balcony with some breakfast – and it was only 10AM. So staying in the sun I would learn Portuguese and also get familiar with French before going back to New Caledonia later this month…have a nap (!!! this never happens)…Then some Yoga, back to the beach, food and work on the laptop, meditate and sleep…I found myself in bed before 10PM with a huge smile on my face:-)

After few days of this I have great tan (:-)), but I also feel like I had space. Space for reflection. This unplanned time gave spontaneous things an opportunity to occur. I have met people from my area, I have ideas for things I want to do. These ideas needed this time to manifest in my mind. I also feel like my body had a proper rest. Even though I was relatively active, nothing is hurting. My body didn’t have to deal with long sitting in the car or in an office chair. It also didn’t need to accumulate stress from work. It could let it all go. Now that I am aware of this feeling, I could try and maintain it when routine is back in the next few weeks and the race of life continuous.

Rest up!


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