Find the JOY within

Yoga Therapy

Customised to your needs – Whether you want to build a personal practice or recovering from an injury.

Corporate Yoga

Bring Yoga to your work space. In doors or outdoors – this session is suitable for all fitness levels.

Kids Yoga

Have fun and build mindfulness and awareness skills in young age.

Face to Face
  • Office environments
  • Home visit
  • At my space
Digital Experience

Yoga Therapy and Corporate Yoga sessions can be done remotely.

About Shani

Shani is a passionate Yoga therapist who thrives on providing balance and well-being to her clients and those around her through an individually combined approach to health. 

With more than 10 year experience in teaching Yoga to groups and individuals, Shani believes that smiling during practice brings peace and spreads the joy to those around us.

Shani is an IT professional, certified Project Manager, Prosci Change Manager, SCRUM Master and have been leading products and teams for almost 20 years. Balancing IT with the mindfulness of Yoga, Shani brings it to the Corporate environment to reduce stress and promote a healthier, happier state of mind.

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